Order Home Lighting for Peace of Mind

This is what we do.

Lightovo is a design studio that specializes in decorative lighting for interiors. 

We believe that light, glass and plants can coexist in harmony to create a beautiful and functional living space. Our lamps are designed to showcase and support the growth of flowering plants, even in small city apartments. With proper air circulation and easy access for plant care, our lamps provide the ideal environment for small to medium-sized potted plants that require a lot of light to thrive. Our goal is to help our clients slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature in their own homes.


Glass, impregnated maple wood, powder-coated aluminum, LED bulb with a color temperature of 4000-6000 K, which supports the flowering and propagation of plants.


Glass made by the "quiet-blown" method, formed by hand on a mould.

A word from Susan Fernandez, the owner of Lightovo Studio.

Both the name and the assumptions of our studio in a straight line refer to the joy and warmth that comes from communing with light. It doesn't matter if it's a sunset or a lamp with a 100-watt bulb placed on the desk. When creating our lighting, we focus on combining innovative lighting technologies with the highest quality materials. We are not afraid to experiment with new production technologies in order to achieve the desired effect. We believe that nothing can give an interior character like lighting.

We combine light, glass and plants. Living in mutual symbiosis, showy flowering plants feel best. The lamp exposes them and provides additional light that positively affects each flowering. In the daily rush, we rarely have time to slow down even for a moment and admire the beauty of the world around us as it deserves. 

Our ideas help our clients to slow down and rediscover the wonders of nature at home. Even in the city apartments. The lampshade has been designed so that there is adequate air circulation inside and you can easily take out and look after the plant with a pot inside. The lamp is aimed at small and medium-sized flowering potted plants that need large amounts of light to bloom.