How it all started

This is what we do.

To more easily understand the often complex topics in LED technology, I am an electrical engineer and will help you by sharing my knowledge from years of experience with this new lighting.

The Beginning

After moving to a different house, I switched all of the household's old light sources for LEDs. Little did we know how much complexity is behind these seemingly simple devices!

I would like share practical advice gained through personal research on what makes up a quality LED lamp or illuminant including things such as dimmability, color temperature, switching cycles per hour - also known as "duty cycle," lumens-per-watt output, and color rendering index.

I also became increasingly aware of how difficult it was for people without a more technically-inclined background to understand manufacturer's information and product descriptions.

Many friends and colleagues have since come to me for help on LED lighting topics, so I decided to create as a hobby project -an online magazine to give advice and explanations for all the things you need to know about LED lighting.

The Mission is an online magazine written in simple language, giving advice and explanations for all the things you need to know about LED lighting

Check out information on specific types of LED lighting and their components, as well as on process technologies and the market. Additionally, you will find comparisons of specific LED lamp types with conventional lamps and information on related technologies such as OLEDs.

The Content

The articles comprehensively cover the most important points for today's LED technology. They do not go into great depth but rather explain the most important facts and issues in an easily understandable way. A lot of background information is provided, for example on technical terms and phenomena and on the components and processes used. Many illustrations help you understand the texts. To make it easier to grasp special attention is paid to comparison with conventional lighting technologies such as incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lamps.