Will LED Bulbs Work With DRL?

Varvara May 05 2022

The primary task of daytime running lights (DRL) is to make a vehicle more visible to other road users, especially in situations with changing light conditions, for example, when driving through a forest. Here you will find useful tips and important information about daytime running lights.

What are the advantages of DRLs?

Daytime running lights increase road safety. That's why it's factory-installed in newer vehicles.  Another advantage is the gain in reaction time for other road users, who can see a vehicle more quickly and clearly. Another added convenience is the automatic activation of the daytime running lights when the ignition is switched on. This way, accidental forgetting is excluded.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Better perception of the vehicle by other road users
  • More time to react for other road users
  • The daytime running lights switch on automatically

Why consider retrofitting LED lamps as DRLs

Light is expensive because the headlights and taillights require electricity and therefore consume fuel! There is a noticeably increased fuel consumption when all headlights and lights are always on. n a normal car with a petrol engine, that's around 0.207 liters more consumption per 100 kilometers when the headlights are on. Based on a mileage of 30,000 km per year, the additional consumption adds up to a good 60 liters. As a result, the exhaust emissions also increase.

Permanently switching on the light increases lamp wear. With the standard versions of the H7 and H4 halogen lamps, the service life is between 550 and 700 hours. With the constant operation, the exchange rate would increase significantly. In contrast, an LED daytime running light has a service life of 10,000 hours and usually lasts the life of the car.

In addition to the material costs, there are sometimes not inconsiderable costs for replacing the bulbs: if the bulb has to be replaced, this is associated with considerable effort in some vehicles, since the battery, air filter box, headlights, etc. have to be removed.

Can LED lights be used as daytime running lights?

In many countries, driving with daytime running lights is mandatory. LED lights do not dazzle oncoming vehicles and can therefore be used as daytime running lights.

LED lights work perfectly well as DRLs

There are many benefits of installing LED lamps into your daytime running lights, including:

  • Advanced LED technology
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy assembly and freedom of design.

Some car owners would like to carry out every step of the LED light installation process on their vehicles themselves. If you are one of them, you will certainly want to install your LED lights yourself. Some car models already have the necessary cables for connecting LED lights. In this case, all you have to do is insert the LED lights into the recesses provided on the bumper and connect the cables.

With significantly less tools and work, you can install the LED daytime running lights in your car. In addition to the two LED daytime running lights, you need the following tools for installation: a flat screwdriver, assembly lever, 13mm and 10mm socket and a reversible screwdriver. That’s it!